Grandma Post's Christmas Cake


My grandmother, Gertrude Post, lived on a farm in the Mid West. She brought up eight children on her own after becoming widowed. Mom was the eldest. Her christmas cake has stood the test of time.

Prepares in 20 mins
Cooks in 5 hours
Serves 24 (resize)
Not Vegan
Not Nut Free
Not Dairy Free

Recipe by Lesley


10 ounces of Castor Sugar

6 large Eggs

10 ounces of Margarine

12 ounces of Flour

2 teaspoons of Mixed Spice

1 pound of Currants

1 pound of Sultanas

8 ounces of Raisins

4 ounces of Glacé Cherries

6 ounces of Mixed Peel

1 grated rind of Lemon

1 handful of chopped Dates (optional)

0.5 juiced Lemons

2 tablespoons of Milk

0.5 jars of Apricot Jam

1 packet of Marzipan (optional)

1 Egg White (optional)

1 packet of Royal Icing



Cream castor sugar and margarine.


Add eggs, one at a time.


Sieve flour and mixed spice.


Add currants, sultanas, raisins, glassé cherries, mixed peel and grated lemon rind (dates optional).


Fold into mix with wooden spoon. Add juice of 0.5 lemon and milk.


Put into 9" lined tin, making hollow in centre. Place lining paper lid on top.


Bake at No. 4 (180C) for 3 hours, then at No 3. (160C) for a further 2.5 hours. Remove from tin when cool.


For the icing, add apricot jam, (marzipan, egg white - optional) and royal icing.

Last edited on Saturday 27 February 2021