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The digital cookbook for everyone

A place to store your recipes, saved to the cloud and available everywhere. For free, with no ads.

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Unleash your creativity

With Recipea, you can experience your creations like never before. Recipes are presented in a clean layout, with no unwanted adverts or popups. Focus on what matters: food.

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Straightforward but powerful

Recipes are just as easy to edit as they are to view. Spend only a few minutes uploading your favourite creation and wave goodbye to handwritten notes. It's simple and just works.

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Level up your cookbook

View all of your recipes at a glance, and save others' content to build your personal food emporium. Clever searching and useful filters let you find what you're looking for in a flash.

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All the features you would expect

Plus a level of detail you wouldn't

Unlimited Recipes

Some competing platforms limit how many recipes you can upload for free. We don't.

Minimal Aesthetic

Recipe pages just show the content, with no annoying ads covering up half the screen.

Privacy Focused

Fine-grained privacy options put you in control of exactly how much is shared and with whom.

Made With Love

As a free product, our focus is on best serving our users rather than the bottom line.

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Frequently asked questions

Why participate in the beta?
By joining today you get early access to Recipea, plus your feedback helps to shape the future of the product. While it may be a little rough around the edges, it is very functional and you should not notice any major issues.
What is Recipea?
It's a digital cookbook, somewhere that you can upload your recipes. You can say goodbye to handwritten notes and save your creations online, so they're available on any device.
How's it different from any other recipe site?
Recipea is a place for you to store your recipes. While you can find other people's content, it's primarily for you to save your own creations - no more losing your secret recipes if your laptop dies!
Can I share my recipes with friends?
Of course! Recipes you upload can be stored privately so only you can access them, or set to public for anyone to enjoy. We even have a button that lets you quickly post content to social media.
Is my data secure?
Yes. Only content you choose to share is made public, everything else is only accessible from your account. While security is never absolute, we keep up to date with current best practices. Additionally, we don't sell any data to advertisers or third parties.
How can it be free with no ads?
The project started out as a personal service for a family member, but is now run at a loss so that anyone can use it. By using cloud services, Recipea is very cheap to operate and we have no plans to charge for it in the future.

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