General Dataset

Recipea has a comprehensive dataset of cuisine and ingredient information which is used throughout the application - for example, the names of each ingredient and whether they contain nuts. This data is used in many ways, such as to provide users with accurate dietary and nutrition information, and we are always looking to expand it to provide a complete experience.

Note that is not the same as user data, which is owned by the respective individuals and varies between accounts. For example, the details you enter when creating a recipe are your own user data and are not part of this dataset.

Every reasonable effort is made to ensure that the dataset is both extensive and accurate, but we cannot guarantee that no errors exist. If you have dietary requirements, particularly if these are medical, please read through the ingredients fully before starting any recipe.

We consider the quality of our data to be essential, so if you do find an error or inconsistency please contact us at and we will urgently resolve the issue.

As per the Terms of Service, our data can only be used within Recipea, although we are considering publicising it in the future. Contact us for more information.