User-Generated Content Policy

By nature of the core service of serving as a user's digital cookbook, Recipea contains a large portion of user-generated content. We define this as anything submitted by a user of the service (whether in text, image, video, audio, or other form).

The alternative to this is to content which originates with the Recipea development team (or which Recipea makes use of, including third party services, stock assets, software libraries, and more). None of this is user-generated content and so is out of scope for this policy - it is subject to a different (typically stricter) set of quality controls.

For example, the list of ingredients (as well as their dietary information) is supplied with the Recipea service. This is not user-generated content. However, when someone assembles a collection of ingredients into a recipe and saves it in their cookbook, this is a creation of that user. The recipe is user-generated content.

We make clear in our Terms of Service that we do not own any user-generated content - what you upload remains your intellectual property, Recipea is simply a service which manages your data for you.

We are very broad in what you can upload, as we try to ensure that Recipea can be used however you wish. This policy has been specifically designed to limit only reasonable excesses, and is very unlikely to apply to legitimate content.

However, to ensure a high quality of service for all users and to comply with relevant legislation, we require that user-generated content comply with the following guidelines.

  • The content must be legal in both your jurisdiction (at the time of submission) and that of England and Wales (at the time of submission and from then on). If the same content becomes illegal under the laws of England and Wales at any point, you must remove it immediately.
  • Content cannot depict or promote illegal activity (of any kind). This applies even if the depiction is staged or faked, and even if the depiction or promotion by itself is legal.
  • Any content which you upload must either be your original creation (i.e. a photo you took, or a recipe you came up with) or used with permission.

Additionally, content which is publicly available (i.e. does not require you to be logged in to access, such as recipes with a privacy setting of 'Public') must not include any of the following.

  • Excessive or extreme profanity.
  • Sexual content, including pornography (of any kind), solicitation or promotion of sexual activity, or references to sexual acts.
  • Personal contact information, such as an email address, physical address, or phone number.
  • Depiction or promotion of drug use, whether legal or otherwise.
  • Promotion of alcohol consumption, except where alcoholic ingredients are used as legitimate ingredients in a recipe (although depiction or promotion of alcohol misuse is not allowed).
  • Depiction or promotion of weapons or other violent content.
  • Gambling or betting of any kind, for any or no stakes, in any context.
  • Legal advice (or content which appears to offer legal advice), even if written by a qualified lawyer.
  • Political content, including direct support of a political party (but specifically excluding satire, which is allowed).
  • Dangerous, deceptive, or malicious content, such as lying about the allergy information of a recipe to trick other users, or including a set of ingredients that would cause harm if ingested as directed.
  • Any claims of heath benefits, including depiction or promotion of so-called 'alternative remedies', regardless of actual effect.

We periodically monitor user-generated content to ensure compliance, although only automated systems process content as it is uploaded. Therefore, it is possible that you may encounter material which violates our requirements. We encourage you to report this to us immediately.

If we find content which violates this (or another) policy, we will take action on a case by case basis. We reserve the right to seek whatever remedy we feel is appropriate and proportionate in the specific circumstance (at our sole discretion), although in general will take very limited (or no) action for minor infractions or mistakes.

Examples of consequences for violations of this policy include, but are not limited to:

  • Hiding the content and preventing it from being made public again, so only the specific user can ever access it.
  • Removing the content, so nobody can ever access it.
  • Reporting it to relevant law enforcement bodies, if we believe that it violates a legal boundary.
  • Suspending or terminating an account, as a last resort for repeated or extremely severe cases.

Note that MattCorp may change this policy from time to time, with or without notice. Your content must always comply with the latest version of this policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about the content of this policy, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you. You can email us at